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Eric Johnson is about the most talented podcasting producer and audio entrepreneur at work today. With his capable hands, he helped shape Puck's early audio forays, provided vision and structure, and handled all the production with grace and aplomb. I could sing his praises for days, but he asked me to keep this short. (He's a good editor, too.)
Jon Kelly
Co-founder, Puck
LightningPod has helped support every gap in my own expertise, finding cross-promotional opportunities, fixing technical issues, and simply knowing what I don't know. LightningPod is not just an editing house or a production studio — they're partners in judgment and opportunity.
David Ruiz
Eric knows his stuff, keeps us focused, and makes it easy.
Greg Stuart
Follow Friday

We all follow people online ... but who do they follow? Every week on Follow Friday, LightningPod's first original podcast, Eric Johnson spoke with writers, podcasters, comedians, and other internet creators to find out. Guests included Roman Mars (99% Invisible), Alexandra Petri (The Washington Post), Tom Scott (YouTube), Bridget Todd (There Are No Girls on the Internet), Hrishikesh Hirway (Song Exploder), and Shima Oliaee (Dolly Parton's America).

Listen to the show at
The title of the podcast, "Follow Friday," and an illustration of ducklings following their mother.
Eric Johnson worked on these shows before LightningPod. In 2019, the show he produced for nearly all of its five-year run — Recode Decode with Kara Swisher — was named Podcast of the Year by Adweek.

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