Our values

What makes LightningPod different from other podcasting companies? Our market-leading strategies are part of it, but we believe our independent values are just as important. Please take a minute to read them over:
  • Economic justice
    When our media is not as diverse as our society, everyone loses. We want to encourage everyone, and particularly people who have historically been under-represented in media, to start podcasting. That's why we offer discounted consulting rates to independent creators who identify as women, LGBT+, BIPOC, and more. Visit our "Hire Us" page to learn more.
  • Own your work
    Big media companies want to own everything they put their name on, forever. That inhibits creativity in the podcasting ecosystem and sows distrust among creators who just want to make something they can be proud of. When you work with LightningPod, we'll make it clear exactly who owns what; our default terms let you retain 100% ownership of your podcast.
  • One size does not fit all
    From your first conversation with LightningPod, you'll be able to define exactly what success means to you, and we'll work with you to achieve your goals. Some podcasts grow to be huge; others happily remain niche; and still others are private, intended only for a smaller audience of colleagues, friends, or family. We won't try to force your show into a box where it doesn't fit.
  • Pay it forward
    Every one of our productions is encouraged to identify and vocally support non-profits, charities, and other organizations that are working to make the world a more equitable, free, and educated place. If any LightningPod consulting client is eligible for a discount but doesn't want it, we will donate 100% of the value of that discount to one of these worthy causes.
  • Listen to yourself
    We all have our reasons to complain, to criticize, to fight, and to yell. But media creators should be conscious of any anger and cynicism they are contributing to the world, and should ask themselves: Is this helping? To that end, we encourage the creators we work with to think carefully about their tone and the impact of their words.
  • Keep podcasts weird
    Podcasting is mainstream now, and there are established formulas for certain types of popular shows. LightningPod can help you make any type of podcast you want, but we don't phone it in. Audio is a powerful medium and a great place to experiment, so tell us your weird idea. Let's make something no one has ever heard before!
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